About Us

Amy Dunham, Owner & Co-Founder


My name is Amy Dunham, and I live about 2 hours north of NYC in the heart of the beautiful Hudson Valley with my incredible fiance and lovely daughters.  My favorite part about living here is the weather between May and October. A few of my hobbies are hiking, swimming, music, riding around on my electric unicycle and obstacle course racing. Many activities are spent with my family, and all of this is able to happen due to my successful business, VirtuallyDun! 











How did the VirtuallyDun idea begin?

About six years ago, I started working as a Construction Administrative Assistant for Tetra Tech (a leading provider of consulting, construction, engineering, and technical services worldwide) in New Paltz during their Thruway Project. Shortly after this project was completed, I continued to work from my home as their Virtual Administrative Assistant for many other projects. 

After discovering that I absolutely love working from home while giving me the ability to spend more time with my loved ones, my co-founder, Steve, and I started VirtuallyDun, and we have been going strong now for over four years.



To provide exceptional back-end office, executive and administrative services and communication, while building outstanding relationships with clients and other businesses in the community.



Virtual - Working remotely in my office.

Assistant - A professional knowledgeable administrative helper.


WHAT WE DO: (Scroll down to see full list of services)

Manage and handle office and administrative duties and responsibilities remotely, while maintaining excellent relationships with our clients, who consist of Construction Industry Project Managers and Assistant Project Managers, Entrepreneurs, Local Artists and Small Business Owners.

We take great pride in our client relationships.  Being honest and transparent with them has been, and is, key to our success.

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A virtual assistant can help you become more effective, more efficient, and help you grow your business exponentially by freeing you of time consuming administrative tasks, as well as relieving you of after hours paperwork that takes time away from your personal life.

As a business owner, the most valuable resource you have is your time.  And it’s probably the one resource you’re struggling to manage most effectively.  And we know why – the demands on your time are endless.

By working with a virtual assistant, you will also save on the expenses of hiring a full-time employee.  This includes the amount of time and money spent on the office space needed to house them, which includes furniture and equipment, training new employees, and employee benefits, such as health insurance and other employee-related benefits.


So how do you make the most of your time?

You partner with VirtuallyDun.  

Then you watch your business productivity explode!


SERVICES:  Specializing in Virtual Administrative Assistance, Office and Project Management (Construction Industry, Beauty Industry, and more!), and Social Media Setup, Management and Consultation 

Virtual Executive and Administration Assistant

  • Bookkeeping 
    • Pay bills
    • Balance checkbooks
    • Accounts Payable
    • Accounts Receivable
    • Submit and reconcile expense reports
    • Post data to accounting software, such as invoices, cash receipts, supplier invoices, etc.
    • Prepare and send invoices
  • Assist in the preparation of regularly scheduled reports
  • Establish and maintain spreadsheet reports
  • Maintain calendar
    • Scheduling staff
    • General client scheduling
    • Meetings and appointments
  • Respond to clients emails (including on behalf of business owner)
  • Proofread and edit documents
  • Note-taking
  • Distribute correspondences: memos, letters, faxes, forms, etc.
  • Organize:
    • Meetings and appointments
    • Contact list
  • Email account(s)
  • Develop and maintain an electronic filing system
  • Provide general support to executives and administration
  • Excellent proofreading and editing
  • Outstanding information research
  • Social Media Advertising and Maintenance (See Social Media Skills)
  • Order office supplies
  • Data entry
  • General filing

Social Media Management & Consultations

  • Create, maintain and market multiple platforms (Facebook, Google, Instagram, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Twitter, Yelp)
    • Create Account
    • Account management
    • Create promotional materials
    • Create company and product brand recognition
    • Create and publish posts, pictures, events, statuses
    • Read and reply to messages on behalf of your business
    • Boost events and posts
    • Increase followers, likes and views
    • Increase review ratings from your followers and customers
    • Maintain viewer interest in your product and company
    • Set up ads

Construction Virtual Office Administration

  • Excellent Project Manager Assistance
  • Experienced EBO Officer (NYSDOT web-based civil rights reporting system)
    • Full knowledge of EBO website and forms
    • Excellent rapport with NYSDOT Compliance Specialists
    • Gather and prepare paperwork from subcontractors for site approval, including forms: CONR 89, CONR 5, AC 2948, HC 108, certificates of insurance
  • All aspects of Compliance and Utilization reporting
    • Fill out, gather from subcontractors and file necessary compliance forms, including: FHWA- 1391, TA-W1017-9, TA-W1018-9, TA-W1023-9, TA-W1024-9, TA-W1041-9, TA-W1046-9, TA-W44105-9
    • Audit goals of DBE/MBE/WBE and use by prime/subcontractors
      • Inform contractor of any violations
      • Full assistance to raise goal percentages
    • Other aspects included, but not limited to: Communication with subcontractors and compliance specialists
  • Certified Payroll Reports
    • Request and submit certified payroll reports from subcontractors
  • Thoroughly handle all insurance claims
  • Force Accounts
  • MURKs– Experience packaging forms MURK 11a, MURK 12c, MURK 13d, MURK 17(1) and other necessary paperwork from prime/subcontractors
  • Change Orders and Purchase Orders
    • Internally
    • Through EBO
  • Forman reports
  • Gather and submit OSHA cards from prime contractors and subcontractors employees
  • Project closeout paperwork and procedures
  • Work with Safety personnel
  • Create Excel spreadsheets of data, including data requested by project managers, supervisors, etc.
  • Gather and organize paperwork (tickets, slips, invoices, etc.) from truckers, suppliers, subcontractors, etc.
  • Establish and maintain material cost and item tracking (spreadsheets)
  • Match material tickets to invoices to ensure proper billing and accounting
  • Set up new employees
  • Communicate with prime contractor, subcontractors, NYSDOT, suppliers, truckers, clients, TANY, etc.
  • Enter invoices, job cost data, and other information into accounting software to help create proper accounting costs for the construction project
  • Find equipment rates in Equipment Watch
  • Accounts payable and receivable
  • Develop and maintain an electronic filing system
  • Reorganize filing system
  • Order materials for projects, office supplies, etc.

Paralegal Services

  • Family Court Petitions, Modifications, Violations
  • Legal Research
  • Proofread and edit legal documents
  • Legal Writing


  • Google AdWords
  • Google Analytics
  • Mailchimp


"Any time you put off is a wasted moment."

— Melissa Maute